Effect Node FX

Framework that help you Developer 3D Web Faster

Creative Coding and Visual Effect on the Web

Faster FX Development

VFX Node Graph allows us to reduce the time & repeated effort of connecting different parts of code.

Safe Static Runtime

The devtools only runs in local development envrionment and is excluded in production phase. so it's only static JSON and Frontend JS code.

Low Learning Curve

If you already know react-three-fiber, nextjs, three.js and zustand... You're good to go!!!

Renderer & Freedom

EffectNode is agnositc towards renderers. You can use @react-three/fiber, pure vanilla js, babalyon.js and three.js or p5.js to suit your needs etc...

Organise huge amount of algorithms into workspaces.

Developing Node and Connection driven software has been more and more fun!

Node I/O System for Data ART

Oragnise huge sum of code into modules and fine tune the visuals.

Good for data viuslations and data arts.


Effect Node FX

We are building a lot of example codes for you to clone from github to get started.

  • 3D Ecom World

  • 3D Landing WebSites

  • 3D Creative Coding and Generative Art


Community Solution Templates

Let's make the internet more friendly through co-created software...

Creative Coding

Realtime live preview of Color Pickers, React HMR, Shader Updates and etc

Ecommerce Solution

Higher Converstaion Rate with Creatively Stunning 3D Content

DataART Visualsation via Immersive AR/VR/XR

Immerse yourself into data-arts in AR/VR